Counter Dominance International

Our research group has been studying the political psychology of counter-dominance since the global upsurge in protests against governmental and trans-governmental policies in 2011. (Pictured above Spain, Chile, Turkey).

We are examining:

  • Why mistrust in government is increasing even though global incomes are increasing and democracy is spreading. Citation:

    Pratto, F. & Bou Zeineddine, F. (2015). Politics and the Psychology of Power:  Multi-level Dynamics in the (Im)Balances of Human Needs and Survival. J. Forgas, W. Crano, & K. Fieldler (Eds.) Sydney Symposium on Social Psychology, Sydney, Australia. (pp. 243-261).

    Page proofs here.

  • Why people outside the Arab nations are rejecting old stereotypes of Arabs to support the popular Arab uprisings and an independent Palestinian state. Preprint here.
  • How salient intergroup cleavages within societies strengthen the relation between people's political attitudes and their values about group dominance.  Preprint here.
  • How the backing of local oppressive governments by the U.S. can popularize support for violent, sub-governmental groups, and what makes this domination so fragile. Our theorizing predicted the unfortunate civil war in Syria. Paper here.