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University of Connecticut Intergroup Relations Rob Foels, Ph.D.




Research Programs


Editor, Teaching Section, Psychology of Women Quarterly

Welcome to My Website

I am an associate research scientist in the Department of Psychology at the University of Connecticut, and a member of the Intergroup Relations Lab.

I am also the editor for the Teaching Section of Psychology of Women Quarterly.

I study prejudice, discrimination, and social justice. I am especially interested in issues related to gender, social dominance, and ideologies.

To the left you will find links to information about my background, research programs, and the Teaching Section of Psychology of Women Quarterly.

Caveats to note about my role at UConn.

  • I am not a permanent member of the UConn faculty.
  • My position at Uconn is research only, funded by grants.
  • I do not have teaching responsibilities at UConn.
  • I do not train students for graduate degrees at UConn.