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University of Connecticut Social Psychology Intergroup Relations


Felicia Pratto, Professor, Social Psychology

Researches the dynamics of power in intergroup and interpersonal relationships, how inequality develops and can be lessened, and related ideologies and perceptions of justice, morality, trust, and power. She has studied why people violate moral norms, stereotyping, automatic evaluation and pre-conscious processing, socio-political attitudes, and attention biases toward negative information. She is co-author of the book Social Dominance.

Colin Leach

Colin Wayne Leach, Professor, Social Psychology

Examines the emotional experience of the social comparisons involved in individual and group status, especially pride, guilt/shame, anger, envy and schadenfreude. He is also interested in morality, self-representation, and self-evaluation. In addition, he studies group identity and inter-group relations in the U.S. as well as throughout Western Europe and Australia.

Rob Foels

Rob Foels, Research Specialist, Social Psychology

Intergroup relations; Cognitive complexity; Ideology and social dominance; Gender and social status