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University of Connecticut Social Psychology Intergroup Relations

Counter Dominance International

crowd in Plaza del Sol, Madrid M15 protestHuge student protest to lower
            education costs, ChileProtest on Ishkital street, Istanbul

Our research group has been studying the political psychology of counter-dominance since the global upsurge in protests against governmental and trans-governmental policies in 2011. (Pictured above from left: Spain, Chile, Turkey). 

We are examining:       

·         Why mistrust in government is increasing even though global incomes are increasing and democracy is spreading. For more, click here.

·         Why people outside the Arab nations are rejecting old stereotypes of Arabs to support the popular Arab uprisings and an independent Palestinian state. For more and a paper in press, click here.

·         How salient intergroup cleavages within societies strengthen the relation between people's political attitudes and their values about group dominance. For more and a recent paper, click here.

·         How the backing of local oppressive governments by the U.S. can popularize support for violent, sub-governmental groups, and what makes this domination so fragile. Our theorizing predicted the unfortunate civil war in Syria. For more and a paper in press, click here.