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University of Connecticut Social Psychology Intergroup Relations

Global Support for Arab Ascendance

 Syrian protest banner: Freedom is my religionFamily of Mohammed Bou Azzizi,
            mourningSyrian family migratingYemeni supporter of
            Ben-AliMaps of Palestinian loss of land to
            Israel since 1948Yemeni protesters
            inspired by Bahraini protests

One recent paper examines cross-national attitudes towards Arab Ascendancy. In this research we find that people who are generally anti-social dominance reject the stereotypes that Western scholars have been feeding Western leaders since the 1920s: that Arabs are incapable of governing themselves and must be controlled to protect global security. Rejecting such ideologies statistically predicts people's support for the Arab Uprisings and for an independent Palestinian state. Read it here.

Pratto, F., Saguy, T., Stewart, A.L., Morselli, D., Foels, R., Aranda, M., Aiello, A., Chryssochoou, X., Cichocka, A., Çidam, A., Cohrs, C., Durrheim, K., Eicher, V., Górska, P., Lee, I., Licata, L., Li, L., Liu, J., Meyer, I., Muldoon, O., Muluk, H., Petrovic, N., Prati, F., Papastamou, S., Petrovic, I., Prodromitis, G., Rubini, M., van Stekelenburg, J., Sweetman, J., Zheng, W., Henkel, K.E. (in press, June , 2013). Attitudes towards Arab ascendancy: Israeli and global perspectives. Psychological Science.